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WordLiveThe last Word on the Web (WOTW) daily email was sent out on 28 September 2008 and WOTW has now passed the baton for online daily Bible studies to Scripture Union’s WordLive service to guarantee a future proofed multi-media Bible study experience for Christians.

WOTW was funded and operated by Church Army who are about to launch a brand new website Church Army ONLINE (due mid October). Do take a look at it if you are interested in mission and evangelism and supporting resources. You will also be able to register for our e-magazine to keep you up to date.

We now provide support to www.rejesus.co.uk a leading home on the web for all things about Jesus and related faith issues. Check out the latest on rejesus by clicking here.

We also partner with the Christian Enquiry Agency to bring you www.hopeinfo.co.uk a space on the web where people can  discover something of the hope that faith in Christ can bring. The site hosts a number of films suitable for use with non Christians. Click here to find out more.

We have maintained the back-catalogue of all WOTW daily emails which you can access to use with your church or youth group or for personal study. This will be revised in the next few months and provided in a more searchable format. Please note these may not be reproduced on any website, blog etc.

If you have been a subscriber or financial or prayerful supporter of WOTW in the past thank you for your support we couldn't have managed this amazing ministry without it.

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